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The Haunt is 3,200 sq. ft
and not 32,000 sq. ft.


Brian and Sylvia, partners of Double Spurs Ranch have produced numerous Haunted Adventures for the corporate market over the past few decades. These attractions have always generated great audience response as well as phenomenal turnouts.

Each and every year we have accumulated more props and are always learning from each Haunted House we design and produce. Each year the projects get "bigger and better".

Don't take our word for it ...just make sure you read all the newspaper reviews and accolades we have received throughout the years!

Year 2002 - Yellow House

Year 2000 - Vancouver Stadium

Year 1997 - Maple Ridge Estates

The above links, with photos, are only a few of the Haunted Houses that we have produced and created throughout the past few decades.

Another spectacular Halloween House that we created, located in Winnipeg MB in 1987, was called "Professor Gizmo's Haunted Adventure". This project generated a lot of media coverage ranging from newspaper ads to actual requests to have our monsters make live appearances at local Television shows . We will soon be adding samples of of the media coverage and public interest created when this Haunted House opened.

Another great project was created for Metro Town Mall in 1995. This adventure was created in an empty retail space. We once again called upon our great mascot and host "Professor Gizmo" to invite all his monsters back to terrorize the entire mall during this Halloween Season. Not only was there a Haunted House built on site...We provided a spectacular "Monster Mash" show for the children with lots of audience participation.

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